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Ollie Matthews
Triathlete and Performance Nutrition Coach
“Athlete Nutrition, Endurance and Performance Coaching based on you as an individual, your routine, your tastes and your health. “

Whether you are a weekend warrior or full-time professional athlete I will make sure your nutrition program is specifically designed to not just optimise but fully upgrade your performance, health, and recovery.

With consistent winning results working alongside world champions, Ironman winners and Tour De France riders and more. I am so confident you will get results that if you follow everything I say and don’t see an improvement, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

“Europe’s TOP Athlete Nutrition Coach.”

As featured in

"Europe’s TOP Athlete Nutrition Coach"

As featured in Men’s Personal Trainer Magazine, Bonk Triathlon, Juggernaut Training, Mustard TV and more.

Upgrade your performance. Upgrade your Results

In just 3 simple steps.

Step 1
Choose from one of the athlete performance nutrition plans below and Sign Up.
Step 2
Complete the personal profiling documents sent to you.
Step 3
Your plan is delivered within 5 working days fo receiving a compelted personal profile, performance gains begin!
Why Choose Me?

Simple! I offer clients complete nutrition and lifestyle plans for triathlon, cycling, running, boxing and MMA. I have experienced success with age groupers, Tour de France Cyclists, and Ultraman Triathlon World Champions and know the nutrition coaching delivered will guarantee results!

I delve into your nutritional needs to not just meet you where you’re at but bring it to a much higher level in a way which you’re able to easily fit within your daily routine and also include things you actually like! Which allow your body to thrive and your performance to reach unheard heights, the only side effect being you might get leaner.

The focus is not just to increase your performance as an athlete but also allow you to improve your day to day health and really start to turbo charge your entire life.

Price Plans.
For The Competitive Trialthle.
  • Full Skype Lifestyle Consultation
  • 121 Nutrition Coaching with Ollie
  • Complete Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Specialised Macronutrient Guidelines
  • Goal Review & Accountability
  • Weekly 121 Email Check-ins
  • Full Race Day Plan & Mobile Support. *
  • Meet & Walkthrough Of Plan
  • Facebook Membership Group For Support

 *(Providing travel costs are met)

For The More Experienced Athlete.
  • Email Consultation Form
  • 121 Nutrition Coaching With Ollie
  • Complete Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Specialised Macronutrient Guidelines
  • Bi-Weekly Email Check-Ins
  • Access To Facebook Membership Group For Support
  • Race Day Guidelines
Just Getting Started?
  • Email Consultation Form
  • Macro & Calorie Guidelines Numbers Provided
  • Access To Facebook Group With Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
Happy customers.
“Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I had a 40k bike race today and my numbers were way up! From this point last year my FTP is up 13% from 275w to 311w. Thanks for your help in getting here…looking forward to more in the coming months!” Jermey Howard

Pro Triahtlete

“Very happy with my World Championship title, your nutrition coaching helped throughout’” Inkai De La Perra

Ultaman World Champion

“The added bonus: what I really wasn’t expecting was the level of motivation that Ollie was going to give. Call him an inspiration; a mentor; a counsellor(!) – whatever… it started subtly, but slowly over time, I’ve realised just how much motivation he’s helping me to find. I started my process just at the end of my race season & I can scarcely wait for the new season to begin!” Glynn Thomas


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