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Performance Nutrition Consultant

Myself, Ollie Matthews has been working with clients all around the world in triathlon, cycling, running, boxing and MMA for over 10 years now focusing on really upgrading results from the inside out. Becoming The Athlete Upgrade Coach has helped me get my word out to a wider audience with over 100,000 following throughout social media and The Athlete Upgrade Show podcast and has allowed me to positively impact athletes with their nutrition and stop them from falling into the traps that many make in an era where we are injected with media influence on a daily basis.

This influence can often cause confusion and be detrimental to both performance AND health In your chosen sport.

With over 10 years of experience, I have worked with 1000s of athletes ranging from absolute beginners, age group triathletes, sporting professionals at the top of their game and coaches.  My clients include Tour De France competitors and World Championship triathletes.

As a client, the only thing that is asked of you is that regardless of your current level of competition you give everything you can in order to both follow the plans and keep up the communication. Nothing will work unless you have full communication throughout.

I don’t take my own progression lightly and want to keep up to date with my own education, undertaking multiple courses each year including undergraduate modules and MSc courses to keep on top of the latest research and nutritional methodology you can be certain you will get the best and most efficient methods to drive you to your goals.

Athlete Upgrade Coach

Nutrition plans personally designed for individual athletes to increase performance and endurance.

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